Our Mission


We aim to take advantage of India's outsourcing competencies and pass on the benefits to our customers while removing the known areas of opportunities prevailing in the industry. Our experience in outsourcing will help us understand what an organization with a difference seeks and performs operations of any geography and passes on the financial benefits.

Core Values


Who We Are?

Reddington Global

Reddington Global is built on solving everyday problems for our clients prevailing in the call centre industry, e.g., Attrition, Automation, Empathy based conversations, etc.

Our founders have carefully considered building an organization with a difference to provide seamless solutions to our clients and their customers rather than spending time managing firefighting.

Why Choose Us


Our Facts

Designated team to continuously look to improve.


Our Specification

Hire only subject matter experts specifically for our clients business – Strict recruitment process.


Our Values & Beliefs

Transparent 24/7 accessibility to our clients.


Our Connections

Starting the "Right" approach rather than trying to manage the organized mess.